Place of Eagles

Tree fitty

After Temparus was freed, he agreed to open a time portal so that the heroes could pursue Scallen and the Draconomicon.

However, before this could occur, the magic of the ley lines distorted a spell Shawrus was casting to resurrect Glarthir. The spell plunged the group into a pocket dimension formed by Shawrus’s Abishanni Seed. There the heroes encountered several supernatural forces, all vying for the soul of Glarthir. Shawrus gained control of the Abishanni Force and returned his friends back to the Prime Material plane. Upon arrival, Shawrus realized that he had physically merged with the Abishanni, and used it to replace his missing hand.

Top of the world

Using Drabardi’s fey instinct to follow the ley lines, the heroes found themselves at the ancient ruins of an immense stone fortress, far in the north.

Sprawled around the ruins was an encampment of dragonborn, led by a mage named Tayschren, and a Blue dragon. It was discovered that the dragon forces had used temparus and the power of the ley lines to open a portal back in time… and that Scallen and Tyrus had headed back 100 years with Annabelle and the Draconomicon.

Murder in Bryn Shander

—With Marlow back in full form and piloting the airship north, the heroes stopped in the northern trade hub city of Bryn Shander to gain information on the Draconic temple. Drabardi discovered that the temple was located at the intersection of magical Ley Lines, somewhere north near Kelvin’s Cairn.

While in Bryn Shander the heroes were implicated in a bizarre and brutal series of murders – but they quickly skipped town instead of clearing their names.

Up up and away

After much adventure in the frozen caves of mikloz, our adventures ended up earning the respect of , and making a pact with the frost giants and Blagothus. A new friend -Volker – was made along the way.

Philomena and Lord Kendrick von Vesthazen were both rescued by our heroes. Philomena was set free by Minerva, and Kendrick was imprisoned aboard the Rocinante. Kendrick also told our heroes that Yorick’s sister Annabelle von Vesthazen was taken north to a draconic temple by Scallen.

The spirit of Blagothus’s wife Esclarotta was imbued into an amulet and given to drabardi, who discovered that it can be used to turn the Rocinante… into a flying ship.

The Mikoz Glacier

Hastily heading north to Icewind Dale to seek Temparus and the Draconomicon, the heroes sailed through the Sea of Moving Ice and found their ship unequipped for the journey. The Rocinante was trapped against an iceberg and frozen to the ice.

The heroes travelled overland, finding themselves in a frozen Glacier valley. Upon exploration they found an Orcish village (The Broken Tusks), a Dwarven Fortresss (the Mikoz Clan) ,and a great chasm in the glacier (The Frost Giants’ Rift.) A few days into their exploration, the floating fortress from Luskan appeared… and crashed into the glacier amid a night-time firefight. Our heroes set out to investigate…

Battle Royale

The heroes took part in the bloody Luskan tournament, pitting themselves against each other and against foes from across the realms.

The Grand Champion turned out to be none other than Ole’Gunnar ! However, his victory was cut off as the city was attacked by a host of Frost Giants aboard a floating fortress.

During the attack, Lord Kendrick and Annabelle von Vesthazen of Mirabar were taken by giants, right in front of Yorik’s eyes. A white-armoured dragon rider was witnessed taking them up to the fortress.


The Host Tower

Upon arrival in the rough frontier town of Luskan, the heroes heard tell of a massive tournament taking place in the city. Most of the band signed up, despite warnings from the locals about the brutality of the event.

Investigating the Host-Tower, the heroes found that Temparus was gone, apparently having left with Scallen and Tyrus, the Blue Dragonborn. Also missing was a unique and ancient tome of Draconic knowledge, The Draconomicon.
Later the party was set upon by a band of Blue Worm-takers, who when defeated revealed a map of Icewind dale, with a rendezvous point marked with a red X.

Metallic dragons?

The companions wasted no time in travelling back to Waterdeep to report their victory in the misty forest. While meeting with Lord Neverember, the heroes met a band of metallic-clad warriors who claimed to represent the forces of good Dragons. These mysterious figures were spoken for by a gold-armoured man named Protanther, who sympathized with the heroes’ story, but ultimately expressed that the good dragons had no compelling reason to aid in the fight against the Cult of the Dragon.

Elia stopped by the meeting and passed along a series of alarming notes from Temparus, who urgently asked the party to meet him in Luskan, at the Host-Tower of the Arcane. If you are reading this send your dm a private message with the code words “dragons r kewl”. Temparus stressed that he had made an important discovery he needed to share with the companions.

It gets misty

Travelling to the Misty Forest, our heroes found themselves trapped in a literal nightmare.King Melandrach had been trapped in his own dreams by an elder green dragon and his own son – the betrayer Neronvain Siannodel. After traversing the endless mists, the heroes discovered a systematic attempt to force the elves of the Misty Forest to Take the Worm and become slaves to the will of Tiamat.
With the help of her mother Andrela Starflame Siannodel, Afsan Siannodel led her companions to victory, slaying Neronvain and his draconic ally, awakening her father and freeing the misty wood from Tiamat’s schemes.


Hands in the deep

Upon sailing back to waterdeep, the heroes met with lord Neverember for a status report. He told them that the cult had engaged in open war and were laying seige to Baldur’s Gate to the south.
The council was reluctant to send their forces south because of imminent danger to waterdeep from the red hand’s army in the underdark.

Neverember implored them to investigate the misty forest, as their ally there – King Melandrach – had gone silent.

Shawrus and Ayla visited a local casino, and after attempting to cheat, shawrus discovered that the casino was operated by the Zhentarim, a shadowy organization. Shawrus was captured and lost a hand as punishment for his transgression.

Meanwhile at the harbour, the heroes were swiftly attacked by an elite airborne strike force of black dragons and veiled assassins. The cult had grown so confident as to raid waterdeep itself.


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