Place of Eagles

Only in Dreams

Finally reunited in Bryn Shander, the heroes realized that their bargain with the devil had not gone as expected: Drabardi was free of hell but her soul was still disconnected from her body. Rushing to the temple of Lathander to seek the Cleric Mithann’s aid, the heroes lent their strength to his resurrection ritual.

The room began to fill with ravens’ feathers as the heroes found themselves once again shifting into another dimension as a shadowy reflection of the real world enveloped them.

Lost in this realm, Drabardi called out to her god, and Dream finally answered.

He explained that this was the world of dreams, and that he could bring Drabardi back to the real world. However, since Lucifer had allowed Drabardi to escape hell, Dream was bound to allow one of Lucifer’s minions into his realm.

The ensuing battle versus the gigantic Hell-Titan was hard fought, but the heroes emerged victorious. Dream returned them to the material Plane, and gifted Drabardi with new wings: the wings of a raven.



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