Place of Eagles

Gold Team

The remainder of the group found themselves sunken into the hot sand on a plane of jagged rock and red sky. Wandering through the hellscape for days, the heroes found themselves at the River Styx, and gave the ferryman two coins for passage.

The river wound on through the layers of hell, even past the lair of Tiamat herself. Thousands of dragons were seen swirling endlessly around her volcanic spire, howling hungrily and preparing themselves to be unleashed upon the world.

The heroes had a different destination, however: the infinite city of Dis. The fiery iron metropolis was filled with shapeless lost souls being tortured endlessly by hellspawned devils, all loomed over by an endlessly high iron tower. With the help of Matthew ,the heroes devised a way into the tower, though the path was long and agonizing.



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