Drow Elf Fighter




Born and raised in the Underworld to very devout worshippers of the goddess Lolth. Vexx’s parents raised him to fear the goddess. He followed in their path for many years. covering himself spider styled tattoos to show his devotion. Trained to fight all those who are not from the Underdark by the best Drow Warriros and taught minor spells from his priest father.
Vexx secretly kept pet animals throughout his life. This was frowned upon and seen as weakness in the eyes of followers of Lolth. Vexx’s family and friends outcast him into the larger cities above alone and with nothing.
Spending many years fighting for himself in the city bars and streets. Mostly to defend himself but also to make money. Vexx continued keeping animals as pets. Favouring mice and other small rodents. Seeing them as similar to himself. Disliked by most people but being generally kind-natured.
Vexx decided to go out and make money adventuring after hearing about Drizzt Do’Urden and his adventures. Following in his footsteps he decides to give a different name to the drow and change peoples’ opinions of his race. With this in mind he opened an orphanage for other Drow youth dispaced from the Underworld. Vexx will always keep his pockets full of gold and ight be inclined to follow other paths if the reward is larger. Some of his gold will always be sent back to the orphange to ensure its upkeep.


Place of Eagles Markose