Dragonborn Barbarian


Tyrus is a rather intense Blue Dragonborn with a severe case of amnesia.
He insists that he was once a human soldier, but can only remember small flashbacks of his past life. He is on an ongoing quest to find the men with the spiked masks and “the Yellow King”, and to fill the gaps in his memory.

Upon encountering a high cleric of Tiamat , Tyrus lost his rational mind and turned to evil. He became a lieutenant and bodyguard to Scallen . Tyrus was defeated by the heroes atop the Draconic Temple and pulled through a portal to hell.


I wasn’t always like this.
I can almost remember… pieces. How it was before.
When I was human. Before I became a monster.
The memories grow more shadow every day. There was a battle… Glory. A great victory. Then suddenly, death all around.

Then nothing.

Then the men. The men with the spiked masks.
And the Yellow King, behind them all.
When I awoke, I was changed. Scale and claw. Storm. Rage.

They could not hold me.

Now I walk. I will find him. The Yellow King.
I will bring the storm to him.


Place of Eagles Markose