The Wizard of Frobozz


Frobozz is a middle aged Grey elf of the age 193. Frobozz was originally a teacher of a great underground empire along the furthest edges of what is known of the world.

He taught in the ways of Conjuration for many years in the university of that empire and has taught many a great wizard. Frobozz was ripped away from the University and his family by a great force that he cannot remember.

Frobozz only remember snippets of his family, friends and his life as a teacher and sometimes comes across spells in his mind that he didn’t even know he had the power to wield. Frobozz is searching from his lost home and his lost family in hopes of reconnecting and learning his past all over again or even coming across a spell that will regain his memories of who he once was. He knows that he was once revered but doesn’t not know by whom or to what extent.

Frobozz has awakened on a stone table with most of who is is shrouded in a cloud but has managed to have fallen in good hands with an interesting sort of vagabonds who are also on a quest. Perhaps he can join with them to find his way back.

The Wizard of Frobozz

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