Dragon Cultist


Scallen is the leader of the cell of the Cult of the Dragon whom the heroes tracked from Neverwinter to Waterdeep.

He wears a sling over his right arm to conceal the fact that it is covered with dragon-like scales and ends in a claw.

Scallen has been a continuous thorn in the heroes’ side, furthering the schemes of Tiamat across the North. He acquired the Draconomicon, in which he discovered an ancient rite which would summon Tiamat into the world.

He then captured and used Temparus to travel back in time to obtain the Red Dragon Mask, but was foiled by the adventurers.

He became a thrall of Theren, but was released when Theren ordered him to grasp a Black Ruby. Theren quickly realized his mistake and imprisoned Scallen inside the heart of a diamond, never to be freed “until Tiamat was defeated.”


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