Philomena Taletreader

The White Wyrmspeaker


Philomena is a half-elven bard from the City of Waterdeep. She is known to have saved several street urchins from poverty, including Minerva and Ansil.

She is also a member of the Cult of the Dragon,, having served as lieutenant to Varram the White Wyrmlord.

Despite her high rank in the organization, Philomena believes that Tiamat is not real, and that the Cult is a force for revolution that will destroy the corrupt establishment and bring equality to the realms. She aided the heroes in the destruction of Varram, aboard Blagothus’s flying ice fortress.

Philomena was later implicated in the attack on the Luskan Tournament, and was eventually captured, but set free by Minerva.

Philomena Taletreader

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