Philomena Taletreader

The White Wyrmspeaker


Philomena is a former high-ranking member of the Cult of the Dragon, an organization dedicated to the worship of Dragonkind. The current intent of the cult is to bring about the end of the world through the summoning of the Dragon Goddess, Tiamat.

As ‘The White Wyrmspeaker’, Philomena led one of the five factions of the Cult. Her responsibility was to sow as much chaos in the northern cities as possible, to distract the forces there from interfering in the cult’s goal of summoning Tiamat.

Philomena never really believed in Tiamat, or that the cult was capable of summoning such a god, if she did exist. She sought to use the cult to her own ends, to undermine the corrupt social structure and end the rule of Oligarchy in the Sword Coast.

Recent events have led her to see the harm she has caused. She now seeks to redeem herself.


Philomena was born an urchin on the streets of Waterdeep. She quickly learned to support herself by performing in the streets, and stealing what she needed. She quickly grew a healthy disdain for the rich folk she saw as oppressors. As she grew older she would take other street children under her wing, teaching them music and urban survival skills.

At one point, she met a halfling named Minerva, who became the favourite of her adopted group. The two, along with a few others, started a musical troupe which travelled the sword coast performing. Enjoying considerable success, the group was invited to play for the Masked Lords of Waterdeep, where they performed a satirical piece critical of the noble class. The following day, the nobles’ thugs found the group and killed many of them, beating Philomena and Minerva to within inches of their lives. The two fled in panic and were separated.

Fueled by anger, Philomena fled to Baldur’s Gate and fell in with a group of revolutionaries, whose ever-escalating tactics eventually led them to merge with the Cult of the Dragon. Philomena’s passion and charisma attracted many followers to the Cult, but she turned a blind eye to the Cult’s more nefarious activities. As the group grew more militant, Philomena took a lead role, striking out in many missions against the nobles of the Sword Coast, including capturing the ruling family of Mirabar at the Grand Tournament of Luskan, and more recently, brutally executing most of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

With the fall of the Oligarchy and Waterdeep almost within the grasp of the people, the streets were suddenly overrun with Hobgoblins wearing the insignia of the Red Hand, a force she knew to be loyal to Severin, the Leader of the Cult of the Dragon. The streets ran with blood as the hobgoblins slayed the rich and poor alike. Philomena realized that the Cult would never truly share her ideals, and the evil she had been a part of. When finally drawn into conflict against Minerva, Philomena turned her back on the Cult.

Philomena Taletreader

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