Pixie, Cleric of Trickery


Growing up among the pixies of Neverwinter Wood, Drabardi had an imaginary friend – a raven. This raven often encouraged her to mischevious behaviour, but was a source of strength during tough situations.

As Drabardi grew older, she realized that the raven was not so imaginary after all. She learned to draw on its strength and focus its energy into magical power.

As her power grew, Drabardi began to have nightmares – dreams where the raven was torn apart by an immense five headed dragon. One night after a particularly intense dream, she woke to the sound of her pixie village being attacked by Orcs and savage Rat-men. Despite putting up a ferocious battle, she was captured and imprisoned in a glass cage, until being released by Yorik von Vesthazen outside of the Cult outpost at Castle Naerytar.


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