Half-Elven Paladin


Ayla is a half-elven paladin, whom the heroes found frozen in magic crystal deep in White Plume Mountain.


Ayla left her home at a young age to seek adventure and further serve Sehanine Moonbow (elf goddess of the moon, autumn, love, and trickery). Ayla is a half-elf born of a human father – Malark the Mercenary, of the Tethyrian tribe – and an elven Noble mother – Lael Elendriel, of a reclusive wood elf tribe of a small village in the High Forest. The inbreeding was forgiven among her mother’s tribe as it was not by choice – Ayla’s father had shamed the name of Sehanine.
Although Ayla was born into a noble family, wealth was unimportant among them. The Elendriels were held in high regard as as strong worshippers of Sehanine, as well as protectors of the High Forest.
Ayla was born during a lunar hallowing, and thus was seen as a blessing – on top of her ancestral ties to Aylenne Elendriel (maternal grandmother – legend has she was blessed by Sehanine herself). Ayla was taken into training far younger than most, by the highest ranking Paladin of her village. This irritated her older brother, Arellon l , who was, prior to her birth, the most anticipated paladin of their tribe. Her two other older half siblings, Aerell and Aezell (twins), acted as the mediators and peace keepers for their siblings. Now present day, Aylas memory feels clouded, perhaps due to the length of time, 141 years, she was imprisoned in her crystal cell in White Plume Mountain. Ayla was freed from imprisonment in the White Plume Mountains by the companions. The last thing she remembers from before her capture was her quest to relocate her mother’s tribe.


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