Place of Eagles

A wrinkle in time

At last scaling the Draconic spire, Our heroes crashed directly into a demonic ritual in progress. Scallen was attempting to open a portal to hell with human sacrifices! Yorik, Vexx, Theren and Afsan chased Scallen down to the Dragon’s lair, while Shawrus, Ayla, Minerva, Volker and Marlow stayed above to stop Tyrus from completing the ritual.

The heroes below watched in horror as Scallen used the Rod of the Blood Whisperer to reanimate the corpse of Pyraxus. The battle was joined by Arellon Elendriel and his elves, all of whom met their end at the claws of the undead dragon. The conflux of magical energy between the ritual, the ley lines, the Rod’s dark power and Afsan’s wild magic began to rip the fortress apart and ignite Temparus’s time spell. The heroes managed to capture Scallen and defeat the dragon, leaping into the time portal just as the fortress began to tear itself apart.

Looking back through the portal, the heroes saw one last scene: the small boy from the mountain tribe reaching down to pick up a forgotten artifact: the Red Dragon Mask.



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