The Caravan

The Teamsters

  • Gorion – Grizzled Human, ex-military, head teamster.
  • Tobun – Male halfing, jovial, loves gambling.
  • Werond – Female human, tends to the caravan’s horses.

The Guards

  • Eldkin – Female Shield Dwarf, serious demeanor
  • Leda – Female human barbarian. From the north – looking to go south, “where it’s warm”
  • Radek – 7’ tall muscled human. Very grumpy.
  • Ordus – Human male

The Wagons

1. Oyn (from Amn) – flambooyant male human. Exotic birds
2. Arechny – bearded dwarf, foul-mouthed. Furs
3. Lewel – black human, exotic clothing. Rare woods.
4. Anders family – from Moonshae isles, travelling to Baldur’s Gate.
5. Artwork for Waterdeep – the heroes’ “cover story”
6. Phandalin: Salt pork, Cheese wheels
7. Phandalin: Grain, flour, rice, salt, beans
8. Phandalin: Dressed lumber, nails
9. Travelers – several humans huddle together for warmth in this half-covered wagon, one of which is green, another of which is very tall and skinny.
10. ? Covered wagon driven by human in cloak + winter clothing
11. ? open wagon w/ crates piled high.- driven by human male
12. ? finely crafted covered wagon – an obviously noble human male in fine clothing rides in the cab while an unhappy-looking human male drives the cart.
13. Beyd – Human male – Beer & Spirits for sale on the road.
14. Cult wagon (covered), usually driven by Scallen. Several people come in and out & ride in the back.
15. Cult Wagon, (open with crates tarped down) manned by a burly half-orc.
16. Cult Wagon, (open with crates tarped down) manned by an overweight human.
17. ? Covered wagon, driven by a grim-looking dwarf
18. ? Open wagon with goods tarped down, human male driver.

The Caravan

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