Place of Eagles

The story so far

Our heroes began their adventure in the City of Neverwinter, where they hired on to Gundren Rockseeker’s caravan as guards. Gundren spoke of the legendary Wave Echo Cave, a ancient mine full of magic and riches.

Soon finding Gundren’s cart destroyed in the roadway, the heroes began a pursuit that led them to a hideout of the Cragmaw goblins. After rescuing Sildar Halwinter and acquiring a small friend named Klerg, the heroes arrived in Phandalin.

After making short work of local mercenaries The Redbrands, the heroes searched for Gundren and had several adventures in the area, including an meeting with Hammen Khost at Old Owl Well, and a harrowing encounter with hordes of undead and a black crystal at a Temple of Lathander.

The heroes later raided the stronghold of the Cragmaw Goblins during a meeting orchestrated by The Red Hand. There they found and hastily extracted Gundren Rockseeker and returned to Phandalin.

Gundren informed the heroes of the location of Wave Echo Cave, and they wasted no time in clearing the cave of its inhabitants. There the heroes captured the menacing dark elf Nezznar, The Black Spider.

Roadside Assistance

While travelling overland from Wave Echo Cave to Phandalin, the heroes encountered Booki Longtoe, (a gnomish merchant) being attacked by a shambling plant creature. Booki was grateful to be rescued and opened his shop for business.

Along the way , Nezznar, The Black Spider was questioned and eventually executed by Tyrus. Vexx-Kapah left his head hanging from a tree as a message to any sinister forces following the party.

Almost back to Phandalin, the party encountered and befriended a dwarvish warband led by Tordek Rockseeker and Anduin Greybeard.

At dusk, the party crested the rise outside Phandalin, only to see billowing smoke and flame, with black winged shapes swooping over the town.


The Battle of Phandalin

The heroes raced through the smoke-filled streets of Phandalin, fighting Kobolds and Hobgoblins at every turn.

The mayor, Harbin Webster, turned out to be a shapeshifter, who fought the heroes after being exposed by Shawrus, and narrowly escaped.

King Grol was brought down at the Shrine of Luck while Yorik von Vesthazen and Daran Edermath evacuated the townsfolk to safety at the town hall.

After capturing and interrogating a cultist worshipper of Tiamat, it was discovered that the attack was led by a Dragonborn named Langdedrosa. Reasons for the attack remain unknown.

The town hall quickly became a nightmare as the Green Dragon Venomfang struck, ripping off the front of the building. Aided by Tordek Rockseeker, the heroes put an end to Venomfang in the middle of the town square.


Single Combat

After spending two weeks attempting to rebuild Phandalin, the heroes were approached by a distraught Qelline Alderleaf, who was searching for her son Carp.

Tracking Carp to the ruins of Tresendar manor, the heroes fell into an ambush staged by Langdedrosa and Vhalak. Langdedrosa offered Carp’s life in exchange for a duel , and Vexx-Kapah hastily accepted. Vexx was defeated and narrowly escaped death as Langdedrosa and Vhalak sent in their horde of kobolds and escaped.

Xochiphilli tracked the villains north along the trail to Cragmaw Castle. Will the heroes pursue them, or head to Neverwinter to find food and supplies for Phandalin?

mmm... pudding

While on the high road to Neverwinter, the heroes encountered a pair of farmers under attack by black ooze. Though the farmers could not be saved, the heroes destroyed the ooze and sealed off the well it had come from.

Traveling further north, the heroes encountered a military patrol led by Aiden Battlesmith, who led them safely to the gates of Neverwinter.


Honor among thieves

Arriving in Neverwinter, the heroes visited the local merchants; many trades were made and items acquired.

Attempts to gain aid for Phandalin from the merchant lord Elden Vargas proved frustrating. After many hours spent in the waiting room, Vargas outright denied any help for the heroes. However, Marlow was approached afteward by a Harper agent named Elia, who promised an audience with Lord Dagult Neverember.

After attempting to track down his old mentor Sancho , Marlow found that the old man had been evicted, with his fortune stolen by the local thieves’ guild: the Dead Rats. After promising aid to a drunk and destitute Sancho, Marlow set out with Tyrus and Shawrus to investigate the thieves guild. Shawrus quickly discovered a meeting – a no holds barred tournament being held in order to recruit new blood to the organization.

The heroes entered the tournament and much blood was spilled – even Marlow and Tyrus had to face each other in the ring. After winning the tournament, Marlow was taken aside by the Dead Rats’ leader, Badar Zil. Upon seeing Sancho’s compass around Zil’s neck, Marlow cleverly distracted and backstabbed the bandit leader, making off with the stolen property and returning it to Sancho.

Lords of Neverwinter

While waiting to be contacted by The Harpers, the heroes came across a group of guards repairing a breach in the wall. Apparently a creature from the Chasm had broken through in the night and abducted several civilians. The heroes quickly headed in to the ash district and discovered a small boy hiding in an abandoned warehouse. After defeating many ash zombies and a terrible bird-demon, the heroes returned the boy to the city guard.

The heroes met with Lord Dagult Neverember and several of his allies: Remallia “Remi” Haventree and Elia of the Harpers, Ontharr Frume and Aiden Battlesmith of the Order of the Gauntlet, and a mysterious female tiefling.

After listening to the tales of events in Phandalin, Remi shared some knowledge: The attacks were carried out by an organization known as the Cult of the Dragon. The cult had carried out similar attacks all over the sword coast, and The Harpers want to know why.
Lord Neverember informed the heroes that he had been tracking several members of the cult in Neverwinter, and that they were joining a caravan headed out of the city. He asked that the heroes join the caravan to track the cultists and find out where the cult is going, and what their goal might be.

The Open Road

After being tasked with following and investigating the Cult of the Dragon , the heroes joined up with a caravan leaving Neverwinter, headed south to Waterdeep and points beyond. In this caravan were several wagons operated by the Cult, and the heroes fought against their immediate instinct to destroy the Cult members, and attempted to learn all they could about the Cult’s intentions.

After some time on the road, the caravan was waylaid by hobgoblins of The Red Hand, who demanded their “cut of the treasure” from Scallen, the apparent leader of the band of dragon cultists. However, all the hobgoblins received was death after a valiant defense by the heroes.

A short while later, the heroes rescued a badassed dwarf named Ocktar the Conqueror, whom they found buried up to his neck in the middle of the road.

Diverting from the main caravan, the heroes headed for Phandalin, meeting some dangerous Earth Elementals along the way. Once in Phandalin, they delivered the goods from Neverwinter, and rid the town of some unsavoury gamblers at the Stonehill Inn.

The heroes left Phandalin with two strangers; Azbara Jos andJamna Gleamsilver, who joined the caravan, headed to Waterdeep.

Bog's luck

Finally reaching Waterdeep, the heroes dropped off their cart of goods and were quickly diverted northward in pursuit of the Scallen and the cultists’ wagons. Their journey led them to a dank swamp instead of the city of splendors.
Deep into the Mere of Dead Men was a roadhouse work camp for labourers building the road from Waterdeep to Neverwinter. The camp superintendent – a burly half-orc named Bog Luck – was storing the cult’s stolen goods inside a strong room in the roadhouse.

Shawrus slipped some poison mushrooms into Bog Luck’s beer – and with the aid of a sleep spell from Temparus the heroes snuck into the vault, only to find that the goods had been removed in the night through a tunnel in the floor.

Tracking reptilian footprints into the mere, the heroes discovered some crude canoes and took to the water, doing battle with a many-headed swamp hydra along the way.


Shortly thereafter, the heroes happened upon a band of foul frog-like Bullywugs, who were roasting a lizardman alive over a fire pit. After rescuing the lizardman, he introduced himself as Snapjaw, and told the heroes of a castle in the swamp where the Cultists have gathered.

Castle Naerytar

Allying with Snapjaw and his clan of lizardfolk, (and saving a new ally from the Lizard cookpot) the heroes planned an assault on the Cultists’ swamp outpost, Castle Naerytar.

A pitched battle occured in the castle courtyard against bullywugs and cultists led by Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. The heroes were victorious, but Langdedrosa scurried away into the castle dungeon.



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