Place of Eagles

White Plume Mountain

The heroes wasted no time in travelling to Whalebone island, where they found White Plume Mountain, and after much exploration, combat, and magical puzzles, emerged with three magical artifacts: Wave, Whelm, and Blackrazor, and a new companion; Ayla.

The heroes also inadvertently released the spirit of the Archmage Keraptis, the ramifications of which remain uncertain.

Quests three

During a meeting with Lord Neverember and a council of leaders from the sword coast, the heroes learned that the Cult of the Dragon was massing armies in the south, causing great fear and migration of refugees across the sword coast.

From this council the heroes accepted three quests:

1. to travel to Whalebone Island to retrieve a cache of ancient magical weapons rumoured to be hidden there.
2. To travel north to Luskan and meet Temparus, who was researching the link between Dragons and the otherwordly horn which has been blowing periodically, sending shockwaves across the realms.
3. To travel to the misty forest and determine why the Elven King Melandrach is not responding to communications from the council.

Under where?

Anti-magic mushrooms.
Umber Hulks.
Wild magic mushrooms.
Deep Gnome friends.
Deep Gnome enemies.
Sold into slavery.
Drow prisoners of Lady Vicana Baenre.

Drow city.

Vexx the concubine.
Mad Wizard.
Mind Flayer.

Mine duty.
Fighting pits.
Kitchen detail.
Afsan slips a needle into hobgoblin emissary’s dinner.
Hobgoblins unhappy.
Hobgoblin army attacks Drow City.
Marlow stages an escape!
Running through the city as dragons soar overhead.
Stealing a ship.
Portal to the western sea.
Another ship, crew all dead. Map found.
Ominous noise from the south.
Broken mast.
Lost at sea.
Land ho!
Limping into port Waterdeep!

Wheel of Death Cheese

Delving deep into the mine and fighting its weird occupants, the heroes defeated a Clay Golem and claimed their prize – an ancient artifact known as the Green Dragon Mask. Frobozz studied the item and discovered its ability to control green Dragons, and warned of its immense power.

dragon_mask_460_0.jpgthe real one is even scarier than this one.

After delivering the mask to Afsan’s brothers, a great argument broke out among the elves. Neronvain wanted to wear the mask to control the dragon, while Alagarthas wanted to take the mask and flee back to the Elven Kingdom.

Shawrus ended the argument with a devastating toss of his Cheese Wheel, which knocked the mask out of Alagarthas’ hands, and into Neronvain’s, disrupting the magical circle.

Neronvain’s first act while wearing the mask was to drive his sword into his brother’s chest . His second was to swan dive off of the cave ledge, landing on the back of the soaring dragon below.

With their leader slain and the magical circle broken, the wizards could not handle the magical energies, which began to rip apart the mountainside.

With no choice but to run, the heroes fled down into the mine, to the only route left: a long-sealed door into The Underdark.

Minecraft, Siannodel style


As it turned out, the trap and mad science filled Tomb of Diderius was not the Boron Mine Afsan was seeking.

Travelling down a long-forgotten path towards the real Boron Mine, the heroes crested a rise and gazed down into a rocky valley… filled with an army of hobgoblins.

After a fiery skirmish with a hobgoblin battalion, the heroes crossed paths with Neronvain Siannodel, who was seeking to locate his brother, who had travelled to investigate Afsan’s mine. With Neronvain’s help, the heroes found a secret back entrance to the mine and made their way through a maze of mine carts and tunnels to a rock outcropping, where they found Alagarthas Siannodel and a circle of elven mages. These elves were maintaining a magical barrier keeping the army from entering the mine, wherein laid an ancient magical artifact.

A return to Phandalin

…six months later, Phandalin has grown into a hub of trade and prosperity, attracting prospectors and traders. The gold recovered from the hoard has been used to rebuild and expand the town. As a show of gratitude, Lord Neverember has sent teams of labourers and a platoon of guardsmen to help secure and revitalize the town.

Many new faces attended the midsummer’s Dragon festival, with dancing in the streets and actors pantomiming events from The Battle of Phandalin, including Yorik fighting a mighty green dragon.

Sildar took the heroes aside and offered them Tresendar Manor as a base of operation, expressing his appreciation for all the heroes have done for Phandalin. However, the celebration was interrupted by a mighty shockwave of sound, as if a monstrous horn was blowing somewhere to the south. If you are currently reading this, send your dungeon master the code phrase “phandalin rulez” for a secret bonus, and don’t tell anyone. The source of this sound remains unknown.

Shortly thereafter, the heroes headed south in search of Boron Mine, which Afsan Siannodel had recently purchased on behalf of her family. Upon arriving, they discovered the riddle and trap filled Tomb of Diderius, and bravely investigated.

Old Friends

After a quick skirmish with some Cultists, the heroes began to explore the floating castle.
Minerva discovered that the second-in-command on the floating castle was her old mentor, Philomena .

Philomena extended her hospitality to the heroes, and gave them several details about the cult’s inner workings. She explained her motivation for joining the ‘Cult’ – including the ideas that Tiamat was not real, and that the Cult was a force for revolution that would destroy the corrupt establishment and bring equality to realms.

Philomena also explained that the flying fortress belonged to a cloud giant named Blagothus and his deceased wife, Esclarotta. Esclarotta’s soul was imprisoned in a pendant around the neck of Varram, the White Wyrmlord. Blagothus was therefore being extorted to do the Cult’s bidding.

With the help of Philomena and her understudy Ansil, the heroes ambushed Varram atop his White Dragon, Arauthator. After a bloody battle, Esclarotta’s soul was freed by Ansil, Wyrmlord Varram was killed, and Arauthator was pummeled off the side of the ship by a rage-filled Blagothus.

Showing his gratitude for the release of his wife’s soul, the Cloud Giant offered the heroes a large quantity of the Cult’s gold, and landed them back in Phandalin before taking off to the north.

Taking the Worm

Pursuing Langdedrosa into the caverns below Castle Naerytar, our heroes fought many bullywugs and discovered a shrine to the dragon goddess Tiamat deep in the earth.

This shrine was an apparent Cult laboratory involved with the creation of Dragonborn. People there were strapped down and forced to become hosts for reptilian worms which burst from nearby giant corrupted eggs.

Witnessing this, Tyrus had a psychotic break and joined forces with “The Mother”, an insane priest of Tiamat. Though The Mother and Langdedrosa were defeated, Tyrus fled with the Cultist known as Scallen through a magical portal.

WIth the help of a new ally – Frobozz – the party followed through the portal and found themselves on a mountainside far to the south.
While investigating the nearby village of Parnast, the heroes discovered a castle made of ice. Upon trying to gain entry to the castle, the heroes activated a stone golem guardian – and much to their surprise, the castle began to rise into the sky.


Castle Naerytar

Allying with Snapjaw and his clan of lizardfolk, (and saving a new ally from the Lizard cookpot) the heroes planned an assault on the Cultists’ swamp outpost, Castle Naerytar.

A pitched battle occured in the castle courtyard against bullywugs and cultists led by Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. The heroes were victorious, but Langdedrosa scurried away into the castle dungeon.


Bog's luck

Finally reaching Waterdeep, the heroes dropped off their cart of goods and were quickly diverted northward in pursuit of the Scallen and the cultists’ wagons. Their journey led them to a dank swamp instead of the city of splendors.
Deep into the Mere of Dead Men was a roadhouse work camp for labourers building the road from Waterdeep to Neverwinter. The camp superintendent – a burly half-orc named Bog Luck – was storing the cult’s stolen goods inside a strong room in the roadhouse.

Shawrus slipped some poison mushrooms into Bog Luck’s beer – and with the aid of a sleep spell from Temparus the heroes snuck into the vault, only to find that the goods had been removed in the night through a tunnel in the floor.

Tracking reptilian footprints into the mere, the heroes discovered some crude canoes and took to the water, doing battle with a many-headed swamp hydra along the way.


Shortly thereafter, the heroes happened upon a band of foul frog-like Bullywugs, who were roasting a lizardman alive over a fire pit. After rescuing the lizardman, he introduced himself as Snapjaw, and told the heroes of a castle in the swamp where the Cultists have gathered.


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