Yorik von Vesthazen

Human Rogue




Yorik von VESTHAZEN – Noble Human, Arcane Trickster Rogue
I, Yorik, was born 32 years ago to the von Vesthazen household. My father is a Count of Mirabar. Our family has presided over the city for 8 generations. As a highborn I was educated, noble and raised to be the next Count. However, as I grew older I started questioning many things and 4 years ago I spoke out against corruption on the ruling council. My father denounced me and I was arrested and placed in the dungeon far below the city. I wouldn’t see sunlight for the next 2 years while enduring the incredibly tough conditions. However, it is here that I first met Nis Vendl. Nis is a Wood-Elf from the Evermoors. It is he who taught me the ways of the rogue. I learned the skills of arcane trickery and illusion. He passed along his wisdom in pick-pocketing and mischief in addition to teaching me thieves cant, Elvish and giant tongue. My sister, Anabelle von Vesthazen was sympathetic to my beliefs. She too secretly had questions about the legitimacy of the Council’s rule. During one of her visits she provided me the necessary tools to escape the dungeon. Nis and I escaped eastward, crossing the River Surdrim and settling in Rauvinwatch Keep.
I started again with only a few of my most sacred possessions, and became proficient with my new skills. I no longer want to live a gluttonous life of excess; instead, I resign myself to use my new found skills only for self-perseverance.
I still care deeply for my family and secretly maintain limited contact with my sister and mother.
During a trip to Everlund Nis was captured by my father’s guard. My father issued a warrant for our capture shortly after we escaped. As a result I am constantly on the move traveling in the shadows.

Yorik von Vesthazen

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