Half-Elven Warlock


Theren was born 25 years ago and raised in an orphanage in Baldur’s Gate. Never knowing his parents, he instead focused on the one thing he was best at – taking advantage of other people. He spent most of his early life in the streets of Baldur’s Gate, finding ways to swindle unsuspecting folks of their valuables. Whether it be simple tavern tricks or elaborate schemes, Theren seemed to have a knack for reading other people and using it to his advantage. Eventually, he began to travel from city to city as a travelling merchant, conducting his schemes to fresh faces every day.

However, his life of hedonism and deception eventually came to a close. One night while travelling on the road, Theren met a hooded stranger in the back of a shadowy tavern. The stranger introduced himself as “Septimus” but gave no further details of himself, almost as if he did not remember them. Some conversation and several pints of ale later, the stranger produced from his robes a small idol depicting a hellish mouth with horrible black teeth shrouded in darkness. Immediately, Theren felt a sense of unease, almost as if the idol were calling to him. He found himself unable to resist the horrific allure of the, and offered all of his belongings to the hooded stranger for the idol. Septimus accepted, and as soon as Theren placed his hands upon the cursed figure, Septimus vanished into thin air.

That night as Theren slept, he was haunted by terrifying dreams where he was greeted by an inconceivable horror. He felt the being gaze directly into his mind, filling it with maddening whispers and unimaginable secrets. Theren felt as the being ripped open his mind with terrible black teeth and felt as it began to suck out his soul and penetrate his thoughts.

“You have bound your will unto mine, mortal. I am the Whisperer in the Darkness, keeper of secrets and conqueror of the mind. From this point on you shall be known to me as Septimus, my loyal servant. In exchange for your soul, I shall grant you knowledge of secrets beyond your comprehension. As my servant you will uncover the secrets of the mind, and in return you will be rewarded with the power to bend the mind as you will, to command others as I command you now. I leave you with a token of our pact, the Book of Shadows. Do not let it’s appearance fool you. At a glance you will see merely a tattered journal stuffed with the ravings of mad men, but within you will find unimaginable secrets uncovered by my previous servants. Perhaps you shall maintain your sanity long enough to be of use to me.”

And with that Theren awoke in a cold sweat, clutching what appeared to be a tattered journal covered in insane ramblings. He felt power course through him like never before, as if he had unlocked the secrets of the mind. But with this power came a terrible hunger, a desire for knowledge unlike anything he had ever known. He felt the cursed idol whispering to him, infiltrating every thought and filling his mind with maddening secrets.

He travelled for many months afterwards as a merchant, but now he was only interested in magical artifacts, hoping to win the favour of his patron. If he came across someone of magical means he would pry open their mind to drink in their knowledge, leaving them only with empty pockets and a smile on their face, too charmed to realize their precious trinkets gone.

Friends or former acquaintences who had known Theren recognized him still for his charisma and his persuasiveness, only now it seemed to be something much more. He had all of his previous mannerisms but every so often he would pause to hurriedly scribble something into a tattered notebook before resuming the conversation. However, despite his newfound quirks he still maintained a soothing air about him, almost magical.

One day while travelling to Baldur’s Gate, Theren encountered a patrol of worm eaters who had noticed he was more than a simple merchant. Theren attempted to bend their wills but was outnumbered and beaten within an inch of his life. He managed to survive, and watched as a half dragonborn named Scallen plundered his trinkets, including the cursed idol of the Whisperer. He soon discovered that with the idol gone, it calls to him in terrible maddening whispers, almost unbearable to withstand.

Currently, Theren has tracked the worm eaters north to the frontier town of Luskan, where he has seen them visiting many magic shops and libraries. He has also encountered what appears to a be a band of adventurers, who also seem to be following Scallen around town.


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