Mountain Dwarf Druid




hello i am shawrus, a mountain dwarf from star mountains.
my family, for centuries has sworn to protect the great abishanna tree, a mystical tree located in the highest peak of star mountain. it is said that the abishanna processes a ruthless evil if provoked, but maintains the beauty of the land while at peace.
as a young dwarf 130 years ago, my father forged the great druidic staff from the abishanna. a staff that has been shattered into four pieces across the forgotten realms. the staff was taken from my possession during the ruthless attack. my father ordered me to hide and i was unable to protect the sacred item, and for that i have never forgiven myself.
for the last fifty years i have set out on foot to find these pieces and return them to my father and to once again restore tranquility to our land.


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