Minerva Peachtree

Halfling Bard




My name, good friends, is Minerva Peachtree
And I have no idea how I came to be.
I’m a Lightfoot Halfling from some land or another,
And I grew up without parents, sisters, or brothers.
The tiniest urchin did I make,
Surviving off whatever I could take,
Until the day my small town was blessed by
Misfit entertainers passing on the fly.
While trying to pickpocket the bard among them
I was snatched up by the scruff of my hem.
I looked into eyes I thought would show hate.
Little did I know I was meeting my fate.
For the bard took me under her wing
And taught me absolutely everything.
Years and years I travelled with this misfit crew
And my knowledge, skills, and magic grew.
But a change in times lead our group to disband
And that is how I ended up in this land.
I will forever be indebted to the bard
Who took me in when life was hard
So that’s the story of little ol’ me:
The Halfling, the bard – Minerva Peachtree.

Minerva was an orphan who grew up in the city streets surviving off of whatever she could steal from the much, much larger folk around her. One day a group of misfit entertainers passed through the town, headed by the half-elf bard Philomena Taletreader. What made the group misfits was just small things people would criticize them for – for instance, one entertainer had a stutter, another a limp, and Minerva was excessively small. Philomena took them all under her wing at some point or other and created the greatest troupe this side of Neverwinter. The troupe was tight-knit and spent many years together, however they were separated after they were arrested in a fascist kingdom while preforming a satirical act for the lords and ladies that criticized their government. When Minerva was released, she was unable to find any of her comrades and so set out on an adventure of her own.

Minerva Peachtree

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