Gnome Druid




I was taken from the smouldering wreckage of my family tree house that took the lives of all my kin, by a giant golden arctic eagle. The eagle was regrowing the long, gliding feathers feathers of her left wing after they were damaged in a fight with wolves, before she attempted the long flight over the sea to her home, the icy continent. She had left her nest and eggs in the charge of a younger eagless (i know that is not a word but i like it) while she was away on secret business in the mainland. She decided to bring me, the wailing gnome infant to her nest to feed to the first to hatch as an emblem of her hopes that the chick grow up strong and true.
As she flew over the sea, headed towards home and her soon too be brood, she began to grow fond of the strange little creature in her talons that ate fish from her beak and would only stop wailing while curled up in her neck feathers. She began to crave the warmth of the little bundle on her back.
When she arrived at home, she found her nest in ruins and two of the 3 eggs destroyed. The last egg was never found, along with the double crossing nanny.
I grew strong quickly and learned the ways of the forest from the land animals, and the ways of the sea from the sea unicorns and the ways of the air from my new mother. I was always treated with love and encouragement from my mother and her closer confidants, but among the other eagles i was treated with scorn and bigotry.
My mother was a member of an ancient arctic druid order and taught me all she could, although there were fundamental and physiological blocks in our mutual understanding.
in my 27th year, Two strange eagles appeared on the horizon. One was my mothers daughter, the other was her nanny. Desperate for power, the nanny eagle destroyed the nest and abducted my mothers child after she was the first to hatch. Away in the icy mountains, an eagle uprising was nurtured in to a full fledged army, the head of which was the nanny eagle. A few prosperous decades and inflated the eagle population and now resources were scarce. We had no warning, and we were at war. My mother was murdered by her daughter, and i fled. I would never forgive myself for that.
I ran until i reached the calm bay that led to the open sea. There i called to my friend, the youngest of the noble sea unicorn clan. I told him my story and he agreed to take me far away to a coastal city that he heard of from a trusted brother of his father. Our journey was long and the farther from my adopted home i got, the more my heart broke.
After many moon phases, we at last reached the coastal city of Luskan.
As we neared the shore, my friend, the sea unicorn, gasped as the water around him began to turn red. He started sinking. i dove under the surface and lifted him and swam him to the shallow cove waters. My friend was dead, a long and slender dart pierced his flesh and stopped his heart.
A sleep deprived watchmen at his post had mistaken us as a giant squid that was rumoured to have been terrorizing fishing vessels along the coast.
By morning the entire coastal town had heard of my arrival on the back of a sea creature that the people of the village have only ever heard about in myths.
This fact alone made me a small time hero in the city. As time went on, my new friends and neighbours slowly coaxed the rest of my life story out of me and this only added to their adoration of me and my heroic status in their eyes. As much as i appreciated their accolades, it always made me feel self conscious and uneasy.
Amongst a local group of coastal druids is where i spend most of my time. I feel most at ease around them, if i feel at ease at all. With their guidance i have crafted a staff out of my friend, the sea unicorns tusk and one of my mothers, soft, short neck feathers and if i ever put it down, it’s not for long.
Although my life is fairly comfortable and satisfying, i can’t shake a restless feeling in my bones. I am ready for something new. I’m ready for adventure!


Place of Eagles Markose