Afsan Siannodel

High Elf Sorcerer


Afsan was born into House Siannodel, the ruling family of the Misty Forest. She is third in the line of succession after her two older brothers: Prince Alagarthas and Marshal-General Neronvain.

From a young age, Afsan had difficulty fitting in with the expectations of proper elven society. This problem was further compounded in her adolescence, when she began to exhibit latent sorcerous powers. Her mother Andrela taught her some measure of control over her magic, but Afsan could never truly master the wilder side of her abilities. Despite her best efforts, she began to be regarded as a secret embarrassment – even as dangerous – by most of the royal house.

After a particularly violent episode involving a fireball in King Melandrach’s high dining hall, Afsan was driven to leave the Misty Forest and seek her own destiny.



Afsan Siannodel

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