Place of Eagles

The Draconic Temple

Quickly chasing the wounded dragon into the temple, Our heroes found themselves lost in the depths of the mountain, waylaid by deadly traps and enemies. There they finally located The Draconomicon.

Along the way, Drabardi met a small boy with white skin and black eyes, and pledged to protect him from the Draconic forces. It seemed the boy’s race were a group of subterranean humans who inhabited the mountain.

The heroes eventually confronted the wounded dragon and finished him off, his body collapsing into his massive treasure hoard at the base of the mountain.

As the dragon collapsed, a beam of eldritch energy flowed upward from him. As the heroes looked up, they spotted Scallen far above, pulling the Dragon’s life force into some sort of arcane object: the Red Dragon Mask.

If you are reading this, send your DM a secret message with the words “I heart plot points” for a special bonus.

With Scallen finally in reach, the heroes raced up the spire in hot pursuit, the small boy forgotten below.



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