Place of Eagles

Only in Dreams

Finally reunited in Bryn Shander, the heroes realized that their bargain with the devil had not gone as expected: Drabardi was free of hell but her soul was still disconnected from her body. Rushing to the temple of Lathander to seek the Cleric Mithann’s aid, the heroes lent their strength to his resurrection ritual.

The room began to fill with ravens’ feathers as the heroes found themselves once again shifting into another dimension as a shadowy reflection of the real world enveloped them.

Lost in this realm, Drabardi called out to her god, and Dream finally answered.

He explained that this was the world of dreams, and that he could bring Drabardi back to the real world. However, since Lucifer had allowed Drabardi to escape hell, Dream was bound to allow one of Lucifer’s minions into his realm.

The ensuing battle versus the gigantic Hell-Titan was hard fought, but the heroes emerged victorious. Dream returned them to the material Plane, and gifted Drabardi with new wings: the wings of a raven.

...hope you guess my name

Scaling the nightmarish labyrinth of the Iron Tower, the heroes found the imprisoned soul of Drabardi and made their way to the top.
There they encountered one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse: the Lord of Hell himself. Realizing they had no chance of fighting this being, the heroes struck up friendly conversation. “Lou” explained that he had allowed the heroes to survive in his realm because they had a common goal: the destruction of Tiamat, who had grown too powerful for his liking.
He promised even further aid: safe return to the material plane, a lost magical artifact, and the soul of Drabardi. In exchange he wanted one more thing – the pure soul of a Paladin : Ayla.

Mithril Bars

After trudging back to Bryn Shander, the heroes encountered Duvessa Shane, who informed them that Lord Vesthazen had returned to the city and taken refuge at the Mirabar embassy.

The heroes investigated and found a grisly scene: the soldiers and diplomats of Mirabar had been corrupted by Lord Vesthazen and his Black ruby. After a pitched battle between the heroes and the mad Lord’s undead servants, Lord Vesthazen was slain and the ruby shattered by Blackrazor.

Gold Team

The remainder of the group found themselves sunken into the hot sand on a plane of jagged rock and red sky. Wandering through the hellscape for days, the heroes found themselves at the River Styx, and gave the ferryman two coins for passage.

The river wound on through the layers of hell, even past the lair of Tiamat herself. Thousands of dragons were seen swirling endlessly around her volcanic spire, howling hungrily and preparing themselves to be unleashed upon the world.

The heroes had a different destination, however: the infinite city of Dis. The fiery iron metropolis was filled with shapeless lost souls being tortured endlessly by hellspawned devils, all loomed over by an endlessly high iron tower. With the help of Matthew ,the heroes devised a way into the tower, though the path was long and agonizing.

Blue Team

Some of the heroes managed to escape through Temparus’s time portal: on the other side they found that six months has passed. Temparus had somehow maintained the portal that entire time – as they passed through, the heroes witnessed his exhausted and emaciated body finally collapse into death.

Running afoul of law enforcement from Bryn Shander, the heroes discovered a grisly murder scene aboard the Rocinante. Lord Kendrick von Vesthazen had escaped, leaving the bodies of Garanthus and Quinn below decks. With no means to operate the ship, the heroes set off on foot into the howling snow, back to the shelter of Bryn Shander.


Meanwhile at the top of the spire, a savage battle occurred with Tyrus and his minions. Just as the dragonborn barbarian seemed defeated, Glarthir stepped through a hidden door, his mind broken and reclaimed by Tiamat. He swiftly wrenched his knife into the imprisoned Annabelle von Vesthazen, completing the ritual and opening a spiraling vortex into hell. The heroes had little hope as the infernal portal pulled them one by one into its jaws. Marlow managed to resist the pull long enough to watch Glarthir perish as the tower split in two, crashing into the frozen tundra hundreds of feet below.

A wrinkle in time

At last scaling the Draconic spire, Our heroes crashed directly into a demonic ritual in progress. Scallen was attempting to open a portal to hell with human sacrifices! Yorik, Vexx, Theren and Afsan chased Scallen down to the Dragon’s lair, while Shawrus, Ayla, Minerva, Volker and Marlow stayed above to stop Tyrus from completing the ritual.

The heroes below watched in horror as Scallen used the Rod of the Blood Whisperer to reanimate the corpse of Pyraxus. The battle was joined by Arellon Elendriel and his elves, all of whom met their end at the claws of the undead dragon. The conflux of magical energy between the ritual, the ley lines, the Rod’s dark power and Afsan’s wild magic began to rip the fortress apart and ignite Temparus’s time spell. The heroes managed to capture Scallen and defeat the dragon, leaping into the time portal just as the fortress began to tear itself apart.

Looking back through the portal, the heroes saw one last scene: the small boy from the mountain tribe reaching down to pick up a forgotten artifact: the Red Dragon Mask.

Worms and wings

In their race up the tower, the heroes discovered a now-familiar scene… corrupted good dragon eggs in front of an altar to Tiamat. The peaceful inhabitants of the mountain were being forced to take the worm – by none other than Tyrus. A vicious battle ensued, but Tyrus managed to escape after brutally hacking off Drabardi’s wings and seizing her unconscious body.

The heroes pursued further, racing to the top of the spire… where Tyrus and Scallen were waiting for them.

The Draconic Temple

Quickly chasing the wounded dragon into the temple, Our heroes found themselves lost in the depths of the mountain, waylaid by deadly traps and enemies. There they finally located The Draconomicon.

Along the way, Drabardi met a small boy with white skin and black eyes, and pledged to protect him from the Draconic forces. It seemed the boy’s race were a group of subterranean humans who inhabited the mountain.

The heroes eventually confronted the wounded dragon and finished him off, his body collapsing into his massive treasure hoard at the base of the mountain.

As the dragon collapsed, a beam of eldritch energy flowed upward from him. As the heroes looked up, they spotted Scallen far above, pulling the Dragon’s life force into some sort of arcane object: the Red Dragon Mask.

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With Scallen finally in reach, the heroes raced up the spire in hot pursuit, the small boy forgotten below.

Temparus Fugit

Travelling through the time portal created by Temparus, our heroes found themselves in a pitched battle . The ruins had become an immense Draconic Temple built into a mountain, surrounded by hobgoblins who were doing battle with a force of elves led by Arellon Elendriel. These elves were laying siege to the spire in attempt to rescue the stolen eggs of Chrysanthrelle, a silver dragon.

The heroes aided in destroying the hobgoblins, but just as victory was assured, an immense Red Dragon soared forth from the spire and anihillated much of the elven forces. The dragon Pyraxus was no easy foe, but the heroes won a hard-fought victory, driving the Red back to his fortress on the verge of death.


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